Applied Curiosity


What we do

Ondoli is a multi-disciplinary consumer product innovation company, making an impact through brands that contribute to meaningful, joyful, and positive life experiences.

Our Brands

Curious Contraptions creates educational and interactive physical products with modern design and innovative engineering.

The brand’s pilot product, the Clockwork, is a new take on the old style ‘grandfather clock’, designed to be user assembled and customized – like Lego for adults.


Mount Spice is dedicated to healthy living through interactive content, and a product line that will include culinary tools and quality food products, like spice blends. 

Ondoli is actively pursuing research and development in a range of other industries, including apparel and textiles, personal wellness, and medical technology. 

Affiliate Companies

SO Medical is dedicated to creating surgical implements and tools that enable medical professionals to deliver safer and more reliable care in orthopedics.

About us

Ondoli was founded in 2016 by Oliver Wolfond

Our operations are based in Vancouver, BC

Our Values


We are compassionate toward each other and toward our customers

Open Mindedness

We leave our egos at the door and are open to feedback and new ideas in the pursuit of our personal and professional growth



We encourage and promote the pursuit of personal well-being. We believe that you do your best work when you feel your best. 


We value meaningful work in the pursuit of excellence, and aim to get better at our craft every day


Aspirational Outlooks

We have a can-do attitude and aren’t afraid of a challenge

Join us

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